Prom Corsages and Buttonholes

A Floral Display worn on the wrist or lapel. 

For Proms... 

Traditionally Males would bring a corsage when he picked up his date for Prom. Hwever recent years have seen woman purchasing their own and friends buying each other one. 

The corsage is considered to match the prom attire so finding out what colour your date is wearing advance can lead to bonus points. Alhtough white is always a safe, neutral option. 

It has been customary in past years to place the corsage on your dates left wrist. With more recent years being the popular to wear them on the non-dominant wrist. 



Corsages for weddings can either be worn on the wrist, lapel, bodice of a dress or shoulder strap. Position of a corsage have moved with fashion. 

A pinned corsage is traditionally worn upside down with the stem towards the shoulder and the flowers facing down on the right side. However a wrist corsage is worn on the left wrist. 



Worn by men on the lapel of a jacket they traditionally are worn upright and pinned to the left side. 

When opting for a coursage and buttonhole as a couple they do not have to match. Although, when they do they can give a more put- together look and really stand out in photo's.